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Automobile Management System

The Automobile Management System offered by Surya Infotech is a comprehensive solution that can efficiently automate automobile system.This software will provide helpful features like maintenance, vehicle part inventory, billing & invoicing, tracking of repairs, vehicle inventory management, customer management and account & payment management.The software offers real-time visibility into stock levels, sales, and other critical data, enabling timely decision-making and improved business outcomes. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, Surya Infotech automobile system is the ideal software solution for automobile management owners looking to enhance their operations and drive growth.


  • Purchase Management
  • Outstanding Management
  • Sales Register
  • Purchase Register
  • Corporate And Dealer Discount Management
  • Auto Posting For Other Charges
  • Import Model And Purchase From Excel
  • Engine & Chassis No Wise Stock

School Management System

A school management system by Surya Infotech is a software that is designed to streamline various administrative tasks within a school.This system is designed to automate a range of processes such as student enrolment, course scheduling, fee management, library management, tracking, and more. The goal of a school management system is to simplify these processes and make them more efficient, saving time and reducing errors.Another important feature of a school management system is fee management. This includes the ability to track student fees, generate invoices, and receive payments.it makes easier for schools to manage their finances. Surya Infotech' school management system can provide powerful reporting and analytics capabilities.


  • Complete Financial Accounting & Inventory Management
  • Student Database Payroll Management
  • Fee Management, Hostel Fee Management
  • Purchase Register
  • Transportation Fee Management
  • Special Module to Handle Complete Functioning of Fee,
  • Outstanding,Concessions, Transportation,Hostel

Hotel Management System

The Hotel Management System by Surya Infotech is a powerful accounting and management software solution designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of hotel management. This software solution provides a comprehensive range of features such as modules for accounting, housekeeping, guest relationship management, task lists and more. The Hotel management software should help businesses manage occupancy rates, revenue, and guest satisfaction.This System offers a complete financial accounting includes cash/bank book, receivables and payables. In this system, you can easily maintain material management create purchase orders, indents, vendor management, purchase invoice and accounts payable.Surya Infotech' Hotel management system is an essential tool that streamlines operations, enhances the guest experience and significantly improve the efficiency of a hotel business.

Front Desk

  • Simplified Room Dashboard
  • Occupied Room With Guest Detail
  • Complete Operation From The Dashboard
  • Settlement & Billing Pending List

Booking System

  • Simplified Booking Management
  • Defined BOM In Menu Items
  • Easy Booking System
  • Pending Booking Summary

Room Billing Process

  • Billing Direct From Dashboard
  • Room Billing Few Click
  • Billing with Auto Tax Calculation
  • Splitting of invoice

Lodge Management Laundry Services

  • Reservation Management
  • Room Check In
  • Room Check Out
  • House Keeping


  • Room Status & Occupancy Report
  • Expected Arrival & Departure Report
  • Check-In & Guest Statement
  • Reception Cash Flow
  • Laundry Register
  • Voucher Register

Restaurant Management System

Surya Infotech has developed a Restaurant Management System that can automate your Restaurant business with a range of features.In this system, there are many helpful features like, Inventory management system, Power Table Desk, Table Management, KOT Management, and Fast Bill Settlement,Which makes the system simplifies the dining experience. Arrange as many tables as per your need with the help of the table creation option. Provide your customers with better sitting arrangements. Simple & Easy to use KOT system that includes information like the table number, the goods ordered, their quantity, and any specific dining requests for preparation or service.Inventory management systems help food businesses to keep track of their stocks levels which reduces overstocking and wastages.This system with real time data inventory levels, helps them to make more informed decisions about ordering and stocking food items. You can also generate a waiter-wise report for waiters including the names and other details of each waiter who works in the restaurant. you can also, export them in different formats (PDF, Excel, Word). Overall Surya Infotrch is a powerful accounting and management software solution designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of Resturant management.

Dining Operations

  • Power Table Desk
  • Table Management
  • KOT Management
  • Fast Bill Settlement

Kitchen Operations

  • One-Click Auto Consumption
  • Defined BOM In Menu Items
  • KOT Management
  • Fast Bill Settlement

Sales Operations

  • Item Import From Excel
  • Update Price Level From Excel
  • KOT Register
  • Periodic Sales Register

Order & Billing Operations

  • Easy Online Ordering Management System (Swiggy, Zomato, etc.)
  • Easy Online Billing Management System (Swiggy, Zomato, etc.)

Indent To Purchase Order Management Solution

Surya Infotech' Indent to Purchase Order Management System is a comprehensive accounting and inventory software. It not only streamlines the inventory management process but also keeps proper information of the ordered quantity, estimated pricing etc. The software makes the work easier. All the details are kept inside the software. With features such as Goods Inward acknowledgment, stock management,Billing statements, generate purchase orders, track inventory levels, and manage vendor relationships, Overall Stock Position & Stock Ledger, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, and Profit Loss Statements, this software offers a complete solution for managing the various aspects of Indent to Purchase Order operations. Surya Infotech' Indent to Purchase Order enables businesses to track their inventory with ease, manage their stock position.

Transaction Management

  • Indent entry system
  • Item-wise indent approval system.
  • Quotation Entry System
  • Quotation Approval System
  • PO Entry system against Indent and quotation
  • PO Approval System

Reports Management

  • Indent Register
  • Pending Indent Report
  • Easy Booking System
  • Quotation Register
  • Pending Quotation For Approval
  • Approved Quotation Summary
  • Item Wise Pending Purchase Order

Material Receipt To Quality Control Management System

The Material Receipt to Quality Control Management System by Surya infotech is a comprehensive accounting and management.The software have the functionality to maintain various automating transactions and reports involved in the material receipt and quality control process.The software's accounting features allow businesses to maintain an accurate record of their financial transactions, and prepare balance sheets, trial balances, and profit and loss statements. This software also offers detailed reports for enhanced management and decision-making along with Tally integrations to streamline operations. Overall, Surya infotech' Material Receipt to Quality Control Management System accounting and management software is a powerful tool for help businesses stay ahead of the competition and improve their bottom line.

Transaction Management

  • Receive New Material
  • QC Management for Raw Material
  • Quotation Approval System
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Vendor Payment Report
  • PO Approval System

Reports Management

  • Item Wise Material Receipt Register
  • Pending Product For QC
  • QC Summary

Chit Fund Management System

The Chit fund Management System offered by Surya Infotech is a friendly, simple and minimalistic interface to get the work done faster and in a reliable way.The chit fund management service can be integrated into a laptop, desktop or any smart mobile device, So you can access the reports, updates and transactions from multi-location.The Chit fund Management System comes with many business and financial critical reports to help you to make quick decisions.Works equally well in offline and online mode by providing great clarity and efficiency. Multiple users like the admins, employees and subscribers can access the software simultaneously for seamlessly updating the transactions, reports, revenues and scheme charts.Surya infotech understands every chit business is unique and needs customisation to suit different models and rates. Surya infotech offers great customisation to align your chit business and practices.

Group Management

  • Group Creation
  • Adding Customer to group

Type of Chit supported

  • Auction Chit
  • Slab Based Chit

Security Management

  • User-based rights
  • Log Monitoring

Customer Management

  • Customer Registration
  • Customer Chit Details

Lodge Management Accounting System

  • Chit payment Entries
  • Chit Receipt Entries
  • Customer Cheque Entries
  • Interest Calculation

Other Transactions

  • Member Removal
  • Amount Refund Option
  • Vacant Group Fill
  • Collection Activity

Cloth Merchant Management System

The Cloth Management System by Surya Infotech is a is a reliable and effective solution.This software solution provides a comprehensive range of features such as Handle all your sales and purchases operations, manage invoices and bills and also track payments, inventory of garments/ apparel based on Type, Article Number, Size, Category, Gender, Style, Colour etc. It evaluate your daily reports, and you can get complete customer history, track products with a click, & much more. Surya Infotech' Garment management system helps you streamline your finances & accounting.

Inventory Management

  • Batch Wise/MRP wise stock
  • Fully customizable Barcode

Accounting & Financial Management Generation

  • Journal Entries, Cash/Bank Vouchers
  • Bills Receivables/Payables
  • Miter and pcs wise bill
  • Transport wise report

Jewellery Management System

Surya Infotech' Jewellery management system is a comprehensive solution that can significantly improve the efficiency of a jwellery business.It easily generate & issue a replacement or repairing entry, maintain records, details, stock & date wise reports when a piece of damaged jewellery is received & make your customer experience better. It makes easy calculation of wastage/ labour with handling charges, setting charges etc.You can easily manage Purchase, Sale & Stock catalogue of Gold Jewellery by Tally Jewellery Software.Overall, Surya Infotech' Jwellery management system is an excellent solution for organizations looking to improve their jwellery management process and enhance their overall business performance.


  • Gold/Silver Ornament Invoice Management System
  • Jewellery Exchange (Old Jewellery Purchase System on Sale Invoice)
  • Invoice customized format on customer requirement (as per given format)

Cold Storage Management System

The Cold Storage System by Surya Infotech offers a comprehensive solution to automate the transactions and reports involved in the cold storage management process. This management will help you to solve your problems you are facing about commodity storage, delivery and cost maintenance on the daily basis.s. It also reduces messy transactions & paperwork.The software’s accounting features allow businesses to maintain an accurate record of their financial transactions, and prepare balance sheets, trial balances, and profit and loss-statements.

Accounts Management

  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Trial Balance
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Payroll Management

Barcode Management

  • Generation Of Barcode
  • The Lot And Item Wise Barcode Generation
  • Easily Tracking Lot No Through Barcode

AAmad & Storage Management

  • AAmad Recording System
  • AAmad Raseed in the Hindi Language
  • Item Wise Auto Lot Generation
  • Manage Location detail of Item
  • Update Location wise Inventory status as per withdrawals
  • Capture Farmer Details

Nikasi & Rent Management

  • Farmer, Item, and Lot Wise Delivery System
  • Automatic Rent Calculation
  • Nikasi Voucher in the Hindi Language
  • Commodity and customer Wise Billing System

Cold Storage MIS Reports

  • AAmad Register
  • Item Wise AAmad Detail
  • Lot Wise Search
  • Nikasi Register
  • Stock Register
  • Stock Insurance Register
  • Party Wise Statement
  • Item Wise Nikasi
  • Pending Bills Against Nikasi

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