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Surya infotech provides tally customisation . All important changes related to inventory management, employee turnover, MIS (Management Information System), automation etc. are operated by the productive platform which is handled by Tally customisation.Surya Infotech minimizes the complexity and risk of Tally customisation. We also understand the importance of retaining the upgradability of Tally for the future. Many parameters, fields, and workflows can be configured to match your company's requirements as part of a customisation project. Surya Infotech can significantly add value to your company by understanding your business needs, suggesting alternatives, improvements and by acting as a source of advice and information. Our experienced team in Customisation is most competent to extend the capabilities of Tally products. These product enhancements get plugged in seamlessly to deliver a great user experience.

Our Services

Negetive Stock

Invoice creation is restricted when stock is not available. Stock mismatch prevention enables ordering accuracy Stock check on a real-time basis Take corrective actions in the event of a lack of stock fulfillment


Automatically respond to any email ids mentioned in the master data Time is saved typing and sending mail attachments Instant mailing on reports and invoices Errorless system with real-time emailing.


Business Intelligence tool showcasing metrics and key performance indicators Data visualization at a glance Saves time as multiple reports do not have to be run Show business performance and enable better decision making

Tally SMS

Remind users about dues/send other important notifications Real-time SMS messages are sent Instant SMS are sent for outstanding invoices Save time through the errorless system.

Tally Auto-Backup

Automatically backup in the mapped drive configured by the user. The data is easy to sync with the Cloud Backups do not require any human intervention Data is easy to restore and stays secure through backups.

Salesman Module

View reports like sales-wise, outstanding payment, aging, and item-wise sales reports. View all reports through a single software

Gas Agency Module

Manage all the accounting procedures of your gas agency. Manage sales, purchases, and stocks related to your gas agency.

Document Attachment Module

The module includes the feature of attaching any document with any transaction and can also be previewed while taking a look at any particular transaction. View voucher-wise attachments Attachments can be seen directly via transactions.

CRM Module

Manage your interactions with your current and prospective customers. Improve relationships to drive sales and profitability. Increase conversions and deliver superior customer experiences with customer relationship management software.

School Module

The school module is a facility for users who can easily manage the financial aspects of their students database. The school module helps users keep records like tuition fees, security deposit payments, transportation and hostel fee, etc.

Stock Group filter on Invoicing

Select specific groups of items for invoicing purposes. Provides data only according to a specifically selected group.

Accounting Transaction Voucher History

See reports related to user activity (actions by the user like transaction creation, modification, and deletion) Transaction wise audit-trailing View transaction correction and manipulation history

Document Attachment Module

View customer-wise sales reports View customer and item-wise sales volume


This module is for a company with multiple branches. For example, the return of multiple data can be filed by a single branch. File returns through one company branch to ensure minimal effort.

Whatsapp Integration

Send WhatsApp messages directly from Tally. Easily manage both WhatsApp and Tally.

System Date as Transaction Date

Make the system date the transaction date instead of manually selecting a date. Prevent data mismatch

B2C QR Code

Generate and add UPI QR Code on B2C invoices, making payments is easier through the B2C QR Code on invoices.

Tally on Cloud

Run Tally software anytime, anywhere through any electronic device. Location-independent software access.

Task Management

Manage all tasks related to the project or the workflow. Track projects from beginning to end and set task priorities. Ensure that tasks perform on time and track their progress.

Approval Matrix Module

Selected users will approve vouchers before being used for financial records. Transaction monitoring is easily possible Errors are minimized, and accuracy increases.


Generate invoices automatically with Tally ERP 9 Quick invoice generation and management.

Party/Item wise discounts

You can give a different discount to each party/customer for a particular item using this module. View all data about discounts in one place.


Handle all 194Q provisions and update the ledger master accordingly.

Tally Owner Mobile App

Through Tally Owner Mobile App, users can check records related to sales, purchases, and invoices on their mobile phones. View Tally records on the go through your mobile application.

Ledger wise security Control

Give rights to a user to do transaction entries related to selected ledgers. Multiple users can make entries to accounting/financial records.

Godown Control

Access data related to a specific godown instead of data related to all the godowns Godown mapping in transactions prevent stock mismatch.

MIS & Dashboard

An information management tool to track key performance indicators, key metrics, and other data relevant to the business. Track all data related to the business and help drive results

Digital Signature

You can use a digital token to sign invoices and send them over email.

Order Control

Ensure expense and invoice control. No invoice can be made without a sales order, and no purchase can be made without a purchase order. Order control ensures segregation of duties with roles to control the standard operating procedure (SOP). Orders can be managed through billed/unbilled orders.

Excel Import Tool

The tool helps import data from Excel to the Tally software Easy data transfer from Excel to Tally

Auto E-way Bill

Automatically generate e-way bills along with your invoices. Manage goods transportation easily with e-way bill generation.

Material Requirement Planning

The material management module helps in determining material requirements for the business. Know material requirements so that you can plan business operations in a better way.

Category wise filter on Invoicing

Select a category such that only the category is selected at the time of invoicing. Provides data only according to a specific category

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